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Welcome to FEEDBACK!

Hello everyone! Welcome to FEEDBACK, Broken Record Music Club's blog. I give full credit for the idea to start this to Demi Clara, so shout out to her for the awesome idea. While Demi has a background in this, I don't have as much experience with my writing being out for an audience to read. I have always enjoyed writing, so I am excited for this new adventure as we try to build the label and spread the word about our artists.

So what will you find on FEEDBACK? We have a variety of different subjects we will rotate through week to week. We will have a lot of write-ups on our artists so you can get to know them and their incredible stories. We will also be doing some write-ups on upcoming releases for our artists, which will be plentiful in 2024.

Outside of our artists, we will be giving you some insight into the music industry from our perspective. From updates on industry news to the behind the scenes of an independent record label, we will give you a look at the world of music through our eyes. We have a very different perspective on things given that we have a small team with a small budget compared to the major record labels out there. It will give you all a front row seat to watch as our artists and the label itself grows.

We are so excited to be starting this new blogging journey with you all. Thank you for coming along for the ride, we are going to do our best to make it great!

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