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Local Love Songs I Adore

Broken Record Music Club Valentines

Songwriters who pull from their most personal, vulnerable, and human experiences tend to gravitate towards writing about love. Some of my favorite songs by Chicago-land artists are about love. Whether a tune is about first love, platonic love, cosmic love, familial love, self-love or  the love of music, I gravitate towards it. Love songs can have cathartic and powerful results. There is a reason why it is the most explored theme in art.  I get the most excited about songwriters who include very specific and niche details in their lyrics that often become relatable to many. Love songs showcase how empathy is a super power and we can use it to see ourselves in other people’s unique experiences. Although I have tons of favorite love songs, I have included 5 gems by remarkable songwriters in this lovely community below. Spread the local love to musicians of your community by streaming songs, sharing pages, liking posts, attending shows, and showing your support. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

1.) “Night Drive”- Lydia Cash

I can almost feel the wind in my hair and see the wash of red from the traffic lights when I listen to this lively and electric song by Lydia Cash. “Night Drive” is an exhilarating rush of emotion and captures how love can make you feel scared, daring, confused, ecstatic, and free. It depicts a scene of two lovers taking a drive in our great city as they begin the wild ride that is entering a new relationship. I love the line “You and I run until we can't be found”. Cash is on the rise and shines in her ability to blend the indie-pop and country genres so effortlessly. Her voice is dreamy, whimsical, and feels like a warm hug. “Night Drive” is an upbeat and thrilling start to her must-hear EP, ‘Indigo’

Aaron Kelly gives us a masterclass in witty, quirky, and creative story-telling. “Alien Love Song” tells the tale of a human falling in love with an extraterrestrial and being gravitationally-pulled into their world. When falling in love with someone, they can often seem so radiant and phenomenal that you second-guess if they are even “real”. Love can also make someone feel like they do not have a grip on human functions like breathing correctly or talking cohesively when their sweetheart is around. I think we can all relate to the line “How do you communicate with human-beings?” when hearts are in our eyes and we are love struck. This song is so fun to listen to with the out of this world soundstage and humorous yet honest  lyrics. You will have a new favorite line every time you hear it! It is a fan-favorite on Aaron Kelly Band’s fantastic sophomore release “Letting The Animals Out”.

3.) “Mine”- Christian Jalon

“Mine” consists of angelic harmonies, groovy bass, and an upbeat message of self-love. Jalon exudes confidence, elegance, and moxie. Her voice is stunning, soulful, and gives one instant chills. I am constantly in awe of her vocal control and commanding lyricism. “Mine” is a reminder of how the world cannot take away one’s love, hope, inner-beauty and strength. Jalon speaks of how she will stand tall and not be faltered by fear. A favorite line of mine is “I am like the tree that is planted by the water. I cannot be moved”. This song reminds me how no one should be allowed to dull your sparkle. It is a song that is great for when you need a confidence-boost. The music video is a must-see. The tight choreography, gorgeous outfits, and stunning videography make it next level. Christian Jalon is a gem in our community and her music will leave you moved. 

Each Day is a group that was founded on love and it shows in their heartfelt songs. “Every Little Thing” is a prime example of their exceptional story-telling. It is a sweet and wholesome song about asking your love if they will always hold your love close to them and cherish it.  It ponders the question “Will you remember every little thing?”. I love that Taylor Oechsel (lead singer, lyricist, and acoustic guitar player)  goes into detail about her childhood memories. She describes how she was the kid who always asked questions in class and was not afraid to be curious. My favorite line is “ I broke my arm at three from falling off the bunk beds. Just leaned back and said ‘Jesus, take the wheel instead’”. It leaves the listener grinning from ear to ear. Love calls for us to be fearless. It is a vulnerable thing to allow someone to look into your soul and hope they accept you for who you are. “Every Little Thing” is so relatable, catchy, and uplifting. I look forward to following the insanely talented Each Day’s journey for many more years to come! Check them out here!

5.) “mine”- Jenny Scara

“mine” is a euphoric song about falling quickly into love with someone and wondering if the other person is on the same page. Scara talks about feeling unstable in the process of finding out where one stands in a relationship. Jenny’s voice is unique, gritty, and pulls from raw emotion. The production aids so much to the story-telling. “Mine” asks for certainty in an uncertain world. Love can be something that keeps our feet on the ground and gives us a sense of security. The line “Would you lie with me, sit there silently, and be mine?” makes me think of how love can calm all the noise. This is something many of us long for and Scara excellently portrays. Scara's music is exciting, thought-provoking, and genuine. Her highly anticipated debut album ‘Love You Always’ comes out February 16th! Follow the extraordinary and authentic Jenny Scara’s journey here.

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